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Web Design

We sit down with you and figure out the best look for your website. Our goal is to supply you with a design that is attractive and helps your brand and your business grow by developing responsive web pages that can be viewed on all devices from desktops to smart phones. 


Brand Development

The internet is a vast place, and it can be hard to stick out from the crowd. That's why you need to develop your brand, whether it's a new logo, an online store, a website or business cards. We will take your ideas and work with you to make your digital presence "you."


Search engine optimization (SEO)

Your website is the landing page for your business, but it can be hard to direct traffic to your website without help. Let us help you create an advertising campaign and optimization plan to get you the recognition you need to keep your business flourishing.

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Web Services

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Web Site Design & Development

So you have a new domain and now you need to design, develop (i.e. code), test and launch your new responsive mobile website on to the world wide web. Or you already have an existing web site that needs to be updated with a fresh look and be made over into responsive mobile site so that it can be browsed on multiple devices.

Designing a responsive mobile web site that attractively frames your content without overwhelming the information, product or service you want to share with the world can be daunting. Turning a outline of a design into lines of code is basically impossible for most. This is were PrimitiveData can help.

PrimitiveData will work with you to design a responsive mobile web site that perfectly encapsulates your content in an easy to view (UI - User Interface) and use (UX - User Experience) web site that will attract traffic. If you already have a fully developed design, PrimitiveData can take that static design and implement it into a functional responsive mobile web site able to be viewed and experienced on multiple devices.

Brand Development

For an additional fee, PrimitiveData sources with skilled and reliable graphic designers that can take your logo or idea for a logo and turn it into the perfect logo for your digital and offline presence to distinguish your online enterprise from all the rest. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine's unpaid  results—often referred to as "natural," "organic," or "earned" results. 

A higher ranking on search engines can lead to more impressions and more visitors to your web site which drive sales and ad revenues. 

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Compare Web Design Packages

Basic Package $850 -  Excellent website for businesses getting online for the first time. 


  • Responsive Design
  • Content Upload
  • 1 Web Page
  • 1 Revision
  • Delivery Time approximately 14 days

Standard Package $1,200 - Great choice for those dissatisfied with complex website design.  


  • Responsive Design
  • Content Upload
  • Design Customization (Customize color scheme & layout)
  • 2 Web Page
  • 2 Revision
  • Delivery Time approximately 21days

Premium Package $2,500 - Great choice for those dissatisfied with complex website design.  


  • Responsive Design
  • Content Upload
  • Design Customization (Customize color scheme & layout)
  • 10 Web Page
  • 2 Revision
  • Delivery Time approximately 28 days

Note: PrimitiveData standard hourly rate is $35 per hour. websites web design

Project Orders and Payment

An initial 20% deposit is required. For now project orders and payment can be made at Guru.com/freelance/primitivedata, Guru ID:439687 for invoicing.

Frequently Asked Questions

  •  What do I need to provide to start working with you?

 In order to get started with the creative process, I will need all the  business information, content, plus any relevant files, documents, website references, and branding visual elements. 

  • Do you offer consultancy sessions? 

I offer consultancy from start to finish. It can be  particularly useful when a project is still in the drawing board stage. I can help you get over those initial obstacles and suggest ways to get  the project off the ground. 

  • Do you launch the website when it’s completed?

Yes, we handle the complete launch of your website, along with QA testing (Quality Assurance) once it’s live.

  • Will this website be SEO (Search Engine Optimized)?

All of our websites are created with searchers in mind. Our designs are  in line with the latest thoughts on search engine optimization. It’s a  good idea to reevaluate your website every 1-3 years, as design trends  and SEO algorithms do change.

  • Will my website be responsive and mobile-friendly?

All of our websites are built to be mobile-friendly and responsive to any screen size.   

  • Do you redesign existing websites?

Yes, we can work based off of an existing site, or build entirely new.

  • Does this website include an SSL certificate?

Your website SSL certificate can be purchased and activated through your web host (you’ll notice HTTPS:// at  the beginning of your website address instead of the unsecured HTTP://).  This allows a secure connection between your web server and your guests  browser.

  • Is website hosting included?

No, hosting is seperate. Message us and we will assist with finding hosting prior to launch.

  • What if I want more than 1 website built with PrimitiveData?

Message us and we can provide a discount for multiple websites. 

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